Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rest week this week

I felt fine on Monday but didn't run due to my schedule. I had to go to work early to be finished in time to go to a surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law.

On Tuesday, however, my wakeup HR was 59, a 20% jump and I had little energy. Those conditions have continued through today. I thus aborted my Wednesday run. I'm not sure, but my high HR and weakness may have been due to a slight infection in my left foot. About two weeks ago, I had a skin cancer removed from that foot. The surgery, actually a scraping, left an open sore about the size of a quarter. I noticed on Wednesday that the sore was starting to show signs of being infected (redness around the wound). I put extra Bactoban on it, cleaned the sore with hydrogen peroxide, and kept a dry bandaid on it. It looked a bit better this morning, and my foot wasn't as sore as it had been. My wakeup HR had dropped to 47 this morning. I'm off work on sick leave from Tuesday through Friday this week.

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