Friday, July 28, 2006

Amazing what a rest day will do

My wakeup HR was 46 this morning, and I feel great! The forecast for today is a high of 102 (F) and for tomorrow 101 (F). I hope I sleep well tonight so I can get up early and beat the heat.

My problem last week wasn't getting to bed early. It was waking up and not going back to sleep for three hours, thus causing me to sleep in. I've always had a problem with anxiety affecting my sleep before an important event the next day. That's what happened last week. I've been doing well in my training for the GSL, and I was worried about the heat messing up the long run, and anxiety got to me. In a way, my experience last Saturday was a good experience, because I learned I can run in 100+ temperatures and survive -- I just need to reduce my pace and to drink more liquids. Tomorrow, I'm planning on taking 80 ounces of liquid with me instead of my "normal" 40 ounces. My run will be three hours.

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