Saturday, July 22, 2006

A big guy sprayed me with his hose

I didn't sleep very well last night, and when I finally got back to sleep I slept in until 8 am and got about 6 1/2 hours of sleep. Getting up late meant that I left for my run late and ended up running in the hottest part of the day :( When I got back from my 13 mile long run, the shade temperature under my deck was 103 (F). My wakeup HR was 48, though, and I felt good during the run.

I felt fine and handled the heat well until mile 10, and then I started to lose energy. I had drunk most of my 20 ounces of water and 20 ounces of Gatorade, and I walked much of that mile. I knew I was having problems when I got tired while running downhill and had to walk at the bottom of the hill.

When I got to the bottom of the hill, I saw a big guy spraying down his driveway, and I asked him if he would spray me too. He said, "Sure!" Boy, that water felt good! He had a big hose, and I was soaked to the skin, from head to toe. After that I felt great and ran the next mile faster than I had run any mile that morning. At the end of the mile, I started to heat up again, but by then I was going past a picnic area that had a water fountain. I stopped at the fountain, took several big drinks and poured a lot of water on me. I filled my water bottle half full and continued my fast pace 1.5 miles to the end of the run. I even increased my pace with a little kick during the last 200 feet or so of the run.

I completed the 13-miler in 2:56, which is a good time for me, considering that I walked over half of mile 10 and stopped twice to put water on me. That was a good time considering the high temperature I was in. The 103 (F) was a shade temperature. Most of my running was in direct sun with only spots of shade here and there, and the direct-sun temperature was probably 125 or more (F). By the time I got home, the sun had moved past my kitchen window, and I couldn't measure the temperature of the direct sun. But, a 25-30 (F) difference between the shade and direct-sun temperatures has been common.

On these hot days, I'm going to take a 3rd bottle with me (two of water and one of Gatorade). That will give me 60 ounces of liquid. I will also make use of that water fountain in the picnic area.

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  1. Howdy! GOSH!! Definitely get to bed earlier so you can run before the weather starts really heating up. Have you thought about investing in a Camelbak or other hydration pack, they do make your runs easier and carefree. Happy trails, Bruce

  2. WOW!!!! those are some hot temps to be running in. Don't know that I could do it.

    Great run.

  3. Hi Michele,

    Yes, 103/105 degrees is probably the hottest I've ever experienced in 33 years of running. The good news about running in the hot Utah desert is that the air is very dry (typically 10-15%), and sweating really helps cool a person off. I used to live in Massachusetts, and a 105 temperature there with high humidity would be really bad.

    When I get home, my T-shirt is completely wet from top to bottom. My T-shirts are 100% cotton, and I'm going to the store this week to look for a poly shirt. A poly shirt will help a little bit.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for saying hello.

  4. Hi Bruce,

    I had plans to be running by 7 am, but needed to sleep-in longer to make up the time I lost during the night when I woke up and didn't go back to sleep.

    How many ounces does a Camelbak hold?

    The good news is that I'll get used to the 103 (it was actually 105 degrees in the shade at the weather station here in town), and then I can come down your way and we'll go running in your 115 degrees :)

  5. Howdy Allen! you can get a fanny pack style camelbak that can hold 30 oz to the backpack style camelaks that hold up to 100 ozs. My favorite is the fanny pack style. Gosh, I'm getting worried about the temperatures for GSL!!! Happy trails, Bruce

  6. I've been drinking 40 oz, and that has been enough for temperatures in the low 90s (F), but last Saturday with the 103 (F) temperature I needed more. I'll google and see what I find.

    Don't worry about the temperature for the GSL. At worst, the temperature will be in the 70s when we start, and you'll be finished before the temperature gets into the high 80s. I'll be half an hour behind you and will get into a little more heat. At best, the temperature will be about 10 degrees below those numbers.

    Be sure and drown your skin with 30 what ever it's called. The UV will be reflecting off the water. Sun glasses will help if you have them.