Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hey, I got a negative split today

The weather prediction for today in the Salt Lake valley was a high of 99 (F). I didn't run in the morning because of a schedule problem, and I ran in the evening, hoping the temperature would be going down. However, about half an hour before I left for the Jordan River Parkway, a storm-front passed through -- high winds for 15 minutes, dark clouds, a dropping temperature, but no rain. The result was that my run was in significantly lower temperatures than I had expected. It was 71 (F) when I got home. The lower temperatures really felt good!

I made a mistake and ate a bowl of chili about two hours before I left for my 10-mile run. That wasn't enough time between the chili and the run. The effect of the food on me was that my energy level was low and I ran slower than I normally would have. However, I had a good run and enjoyed it. It was just getting dark as I reached my car.

During the run, I saw quite a few ducks in the river, a mother quail and a bunch of small chicks or what ever they are called, and several flocks of geese flying over at a low elevation, maybe 50 feet above the ground. I also had two kids follow me on their scooters for a minute. They asked me what I was doing. Then they asked me if I was running fast. I told them I was practicing for a race. I also saw a girl in a wedding gown having her picture taken by a rustic wooden bridge. I added a fartlek or kick for the last 200 feet or so of the run -- not a big increase in pace but an increase, none the less.

Yesterday I bought an Etonic poly T-shirt, and I tried it out today to see how well it wicked moisture from my skin. I couldn't tell much while I was running, because I was sweating so much that the fabric was saturated with moisture. However, as the temperature dropped during the last half of the run, I felt a bit cold on my back, and when I got home I felt a bit cold on the upper part of my body. Feeling cold was an indication that significant evaporation was taking place. Taking off the poly T-shirt was easy because it didn't cling to my skin like cotton T-shirts do.

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  1. Howdy! I live in a dry climate and my high-tech shirts don't get sweaty UNTIL after I enter my home, than I'm Niagra Falls. Happy trails, Bruce

  2. Utah isn't quite as dry as Vegas, but almost. I'm Niagra Falls for the whole run.