Monday, July 24, 2006

A wonderful rest run

I had a very enjoyable, great 5-mile rest run. I was in no hurry and just jogged at a comfortable pace, stopping to walk through shady spots, to take a drink, or to rest a bit. On the way back, I stopped at the fountain in the picnic area and took a big drink. I poured water on my head and let it run down my body -- I actually felt cold for a few seconds. I filled my bottle half full and jogged back to my car. When I reached the parking lot, I poured the rest of the water on my head and enjoyed the few seconds of cold.

The temperature was 95 (F) when I returned. I was out running an hour earlier than on Saturday. My wakeup HR was 48, and I felt great!

Today is a state holiday in Utah. It's the anniversary of the Mormon pioneers entering the valley in 1847. There was a big parade in Salt Lake City and parades in some of the surrounding towns, and the Deseret News Marathon was held this morning. That race comes down one of the canyons and is a tough race because of the high altitude (~7000 feet) at the beginning and at the end (~4200 feet).

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  1. Howdy Allen! Did you search for a new singlet yet? I haven't worn a cotton shirt in YEARS! Once you wear a coolmax shirt that pulls the sweat from your skin, you'll never wear cotton again. Happy trails, Bruce

  2. Well, I'm a bit slow about the new fangled technology :)

    Coolmax, eh... I'll search for it and see what I find.

  3. Howdy Allen! Many types of fabrics out there...some with sun protection, bacterial/odor prevention, as well as keeping you cooler. Happy trails, Bruce

  4. Hi Bruce,

    I bought an Etonic poly T-shirt yesterday and tried it out today. It did increase the evaporation of my sweat, and it was really easy to take off.

    I've ordered another T-shirt, made from Coolmax, from LLBean (25% discount sale price) and will try that for my long run on August 5 (my last long run before my two-week taper to the Great Salt Lake Half Marathon.