Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I drink when I get thirsty

My wakeup HR was 49 and I had a nice one-hour run along the Parkway. I felt pretty good while I ran, but I was glad when I got back, because I was starting to get tired. The temperature was in the mid 80s, and it was a nice day for running.

In the past I've drunk liquids every mile because the running literature said to drink before one gets thirsty. However, the running literature now says to only drink liquid when one feels thirsty. During the past few weeks, I've been paying attention to when I get thirsty, and, for me, it is at the one-mile markers. So, what I've been doing is the thing I should be doing, only now I do it because I'm thirsty not because it is the proper thing to do. I sweat a lot and need more liquid than some runners would need. The color of my urine when I get back indicates that I'm getting about the right amount. This morning I took 12 oz of water and about 9 or 10 oz of Gatorade, and I had just a couple swallows of water left when I reached my car.


  1. Its interesting how the advice on liquid intake has changed over the past few years. I like to have a large drink of water before any run. If i am going to run over an hour i take fluids with me.

  2. Hi Phil, yes it is interesting. Carrying water on runs over an hour seems to be a common practice. In my case, I carry fluids on runs a half hour or longer because I sweat so much.

    I visited your blog yesterday and browsed around. I admire you for overcoming your addiction to alcohol and for running a marathon. Keep it up!

    You have a picture on your blog of you hopping rocks. It looks like you were pretty high. Where were you at the time?

  3. I was in the Snowdonia mountain range in North Wales. If it was in the U.S.A they would be called hills :)

    That picture was taken by my wife this year, i had no idea until i got home and put the pictures on my pc.

  4. So, you live in Wales? That's cool, because my great grand father, Samuel Leigh, immigrated to the US from Wales. My two genealogy sites,


    document our leigh and related genealogies and histories. I've never been to Wales, but my sister has. Beautiful country. I like your picture!

  5. Howdy Allen! 80 degrees??? Probably a typo. I've been following Randy's advice and strive not to drink much water at all, and carry water when I run over an Gatorade until the summer months. I'll need to read Phil's site too!! Happy trails, Bruce