Saturday, August 5, 2006

My last 13-mile long run before the GSL

I ran my 13-mile route along the Jordan River Parkway and finished in 2 hours 43 minutes. Not quite as fast as last Saturday but a good time, none the less. The temperature was about 70 (F) when I started running and was about 90 (F) when I returned, and it was a nice run. I went out a little faster than I had been doing in previous runs (my first mile was 11:39), and that might have hurt my overall time. My time at 10 miles was 2 hours 4 minutes for an average pace of 12:24 including walking breaks. My average pace for the 13 miles was 12:32 including walking breaks. During the first 5 miles, my average pace was just a few seconds under 12 minutes. Thus, my pace varied maybe 45 - 60 seconds during the run. Most of the time lost per mile was in the middle of the run where there are some small hills and one large hill.

During the run there was a 8-10 mph head wind during the first half and maybe a 5 mph tail wind on the way back. The wind, however, wasn't consistent. It would come and go.

I took 60 oz of liquid with me -- two bottles of Gatorade and one bottle of water. I drank about 50 oz. I checked my urine when I was home, and it was a light yellow, indicating I drank about the right amount of liquid.

I saw a garter snake slither across the path. It was interesting to see how it moved. It's body formed a "S" shape, and I could see the "S" shape move from its head to its tail; somehow that movement caused a horizontal movement of the snake.

Training Graphs

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