Wednesday, August 2, 2006

A negative split and a new PB for my 10-miler

I ran the 10 mile medium-run in 2 hours 35 seconds, a new PB for that training run. I ran faster during the last quarter mile to see if I could break two minutes, but I didn't quite make it. That time extrapolated to 13 miles is 2:36. The 2 hour time includes 1-minute rest stops after each mile.

When I left home to drive to the Jordan River Parkway, the temperature was 59 (F), and when I returned it was 72 (F). A relatively cool day for this time of year, although my T-shirt was soaked with sweat when I finished. My wakeup HR was 51, and I felt a bit tired during the first couple of miles. I ate a banana just before I left, and that may have slowed me down. My time for the first mile was 13 minutes and about 40 seconds, a full minute and a half slower than my average for the whole run. Now that I'm going faster, I'm beginning to question the wisdom of eating anything before I run.

I ran most of the way up the big hill on the north side of the detour through the neighborhood but walked the last 50 feet to reduce the stress on my body. However, I ran up the hill on the south side of the neighborhood. That hill is shorter but steeper than the one on the north side. This was the first time I've run up the south side. I doubled my breathing rate and went right up the hill. I'm sure the lower temperature helped a lot.


I checked my urine when I got home, and my drinking 40 oz of liquid (half water and half Gatorade) was about right. The urine was a light yellow, a bit darker than normal, indicating a slight dehydration but ok.

It's now 4 pm and the temperature is up at 80 (F).

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