Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ran a restful hour

I continued my recovery week with an hour run along the Parkway. My wakeup HR was 49, and I felt pretty good. The temperature was 83 (F) when I returned. There was a slight headwind going out, and it felt good on the way back as a tailwind. I only took 12 oz of water and could have used a bit more, but I made it home ok.

For about a month before the GSL, I did low-level speed training by running at a faster pace. I cut 20 minutes off the time for my long 13 mile runs. I felt a lot of stress during that time due to an emotional need to push and push to get faster and to get in the miles, even though on some days I was tired. I was careful, though, to pace myself and not push myself into an injury or a slump. Now that I'm past the race, I'm running relatively slow restful runs to recover from the high stress of the race, and starting with next week or maybe the week after, I'll be running long slow distance to build up my total time of running each week. I'll be running because I enjoy it, the type of running I've done during most of my 33 years of running. I'm looking forward to it.

This morning I saw three adult quail and 3 or 4 small chicks on the path. They quickly ran into the bushes.

Training Graphs

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