Saturday, August 12, 2006

A revision to my race strategy for next Saturday

My wakeup HR was 47, and I had a very enjoyable 6.5 mile run along the Jordan River Parkway. I experimented with my Garmin GPS to learn how to measure lap paces. I experimented with lap times of 1 mile and 0.3 mile. I think I'll go with the default of 1 mile. I also experimented with fewer walking and drinking breaks to see how I responded to those changes. Because of the heat, I had to be careful about drinking less water. My urine when I got home was a little darker than it has been but not excessively darker. I also experimented with the way to get more vitamin D that I mentioned in my previous post. After about 1.3 miles, I stopped in a shady spot and put on the sunscreen.

I decided to revise my race strategy for the Great Salt Lake Half Marathon and do the second mile at 11:30 instead of 11:00. I need about two miles to get warmed up, and by doing the first mile at 12:00 and the second mile at 11:30 I'll be more likely to handle the remaining miles at 11:00. By listening to my body to see how I feel during the race and by using the Garmin to measure my pace each mile, I'll be able to adjust my pace to be as fast as possible but not so fast that I "peter out" towards the end of the race. Back in the "old days" we didn't have electronic devices to measure pace. The marathons I ran did have frequent mile-markers, so I wrote on my hand my desired times for the major mileage points, and as I passed each mile-marker, I would compare the clock time from my stop watch with the numbers written on my hand.

Training Graphs

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