Saturday, September 23, 2006

A great 2 1/2 hour long run

I ran my 13-mile route on the Jordan River Parkway this morning, and I finished in 2 hours 34 minutes, a new PB for a 13-mile training run. When I crossed the 12-mile mark, I was at the exact time (2:21) that I finished the GSL Half Marathon. I kept a pretty constant and relatively fast pace for 11 miles, and then I slowed down a bit for the last 2 miles. I didn't force that fast pace; I just let my body dictate how fast it wanted to go, and I focused on keeping a constant pace. I slowed down during the last 2 miles, because my left ankle started feeling a bit weak; no pain or soreness, just weak as if it couldn't support my body weight. I didn't want to risk an injury and slowed down by 1-2 minutes/mile. I've had that feeling before in my ankles. It doesn't seem to be a serious problem; just a sign from my body that my ankle has reached its limit.

My wakeup HR was 51, and the temperature was 44 (F) when I left home. A sunny, bright, cheerful day, a great day for running and for being outdoors. Except for missing my half hour Tuesday run, I'm back to my pre-GSL mileage.

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