Friday, September 15, 2006

A great vacation, now back to real-life

We had a great time on our vacation. We visited my brother-in-law in Washington and took a ferry to Seattle to see the Space Needle. We also took a ferry to Victoria, BC, Canada and enjoyed that day. On the way back we visited my sister in Oregon, and we stopped in Boise, Idaho to see my mother-in-law's 34th great grand child who had been born just an hour before. We also went to Rexburg, Idaho to see my mother-in-law's 33rd great grand child who had been born a couple of days before.

Just as we entered Portland on I5 South, we saw an auto accident. About 200 yards in front of us, a car went from the center lane across our (left) lane and hit the concrete divider. It bounced off the divider and landed upside down. I was worried that the car would burst into flames, but it didn't. The driver was awake when they pulled him from the car and put him in an ambulance. If my car had been a few seconds further down the road, the other car would have hit us broadside. I couldn't see what caused the car to veer across our lane. Then, today as we entered Salt Lake City, I was in the center lane of I15 South, and a car in the left lane went across all lanes and stopped on the right shoulder. It looked like the driver was tring to take an exit from the inside lane. The car came very close to hitting the car in the right lane, and I think it may have clipped a truck that was in front of me in the center lane, because the truck stopped on the left shoulder. I don't know for sure what happened, but I was glad I wasn't a few seconds down the road! Then, to top it all off, as I left I15 to drive the last 10 minutes to home, there was an accident about a block east of the Interstate. That accident occurred several minutes before I got there, and it was on the opposite side of the Interstate from where I would be driving. Needless to say, I was glad when I got home and turned off the key.

I did a little running during the trip. I ran a couple of miles twice the first week and once this week. I also got a two-hour workout last week pushing my mother-in-law in a wheel chair around the Butchart Gardens in in Victoria. She had done a lot of walking before we got to the gardens, and she was ready for a rest. The path was hilly, and I got a good workout. Tomorrow, I'll be back on the Jordan River Parkway and will do 1/2 hour to an hour, depending how I feel.

Here are two pictures from the Butchart Gardens at Victoria. The beautiful woman in the first picture is my wife, Judy. The second picture is of the Sunken Garden that originally was a limestone quarry.


  1. Hi! Nice you have a good rest during your vacation. I am back thanking you for keep me training. I miss the podcast. Is there any new episode?
    As I told you, I live in Natal/Brazil and I am training now to NYC marathon (5 november). As you, I decide to have a blog ( to write about the preparation to my second marathon (I ran San Diego last year in 5hour 3min, but without training). Now, I want to ran NY under 4h. I am afraid my blog is in portuguese, I would appreciate your comments. Thanks again and keep going.
    Josivan Lima

  2. Hi Josivan,

    Nice to hear from you again! How is your marathon training going? Another month of training, and you'll be ready for the 3-week taper.

    Thanks for the reminder about the podcasts. I retired from full time work at the end of June, and I'm hoping to be more regular with the podcasts. In the mean time, visit my site at

    and browse around.

    I did well in my half-marathon on August 19, and now I have a full year to get ready for my next marathon.