Monday, October 16, 2006

A good start to a new week

My wakeup HR was 45 again. I felt pretty good during my stretches, but when I began my hour rest run, I felt tired. As usual, I let my body set the pace. Again, as usual, after 3 miles, my body picked up speed, and I felt pretty good during the last two miles.

I used my GPS this morning, and here are my mile splits.

Mile 1 11:43 (about normal for my first mile)
Mile 2 11:12 Still tired but my body is warming up
Mile 3 11:36 Still tired, trying not to speed up much
Mile 4 11:08 Feeling better as my body kicks into gear
Mile 5 11:00 Feeling pretty good

My average pace for the 5 miles was 11:19. Six months ago, my average would have been over 12 minutes.

The temperature during the run was about 50 (F), and the sky was cloudy due to a storm front moving through (rained last night). Not much wind, and it was a nice run!

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