Sunday, October 29, 2006

My right quad was a little sore

I finished my run yesterday at 10:30 am, and I felt fine. During the day I was busy doing some things in my yard that kept me on my feet, and I felt fine. Then, I spent a couple of hours on my computer, and I noticed when I rose from my chair that my right quad was a little sore. My computer chair is too low, and that causes my quads to be stretched while I'm sitting down. I thought that stretching might have caused the soreness. Or, maybe it was a delayed effect from my run, although I ran a comfortable pace and didn't push myself in either distance or speed. When I awoke this morning, after a good 7 hours sleep, my quad was still sore and remained so during the morning and early afternoon. I returned home from church about 2:30 pm and prepared to take a nap. I did my groin, knee, and quad stretches and then slept for two hours. When I awoke, the soreness was gone, and I've felt fine during the evening. I'll probably never know for sure what caused the soreness, but it apparently wasn't serious.

Older people like me need more time to recover from stress, and we can't afford to over-stress our bodies.


  1. Howdy Allen! I find that stress can be accumlative, like your calves could be sore from all of your activities...yard work, your run, sitting in the chair too long, AND even the stretches themselves...happy to hear whatever the pain was it was temporary! You're training has been coming along very well indeed, keep up the great work!! Happy trails, Bruce

  2. You're right, Bruce, about stress being accumulative. I was relieved when it sent away.