Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A comfortable two-hour run

My wakeup HR was 46 this morning, and I felt fine during my stretches. As I left home to do my run on the Jordan River Parkway, I looked forward to a great run. I wasn't disappointed! I ran at a comfortable pace and felt pretty strong during the run.

My first mile was 11:05, a bit fast for the 10-15 mph headwind that was blowing, so I slowed down for the next few miles. I ran a pace of about 12 minutes for those miles. During my return, I had a tailwind, and I went a little bit faster, probably around 11:30 miles.

There weren't many people on the path. Except for a man feeding the ducks, I didn't see any others during my 5-mile leg out, but I saw a few on my leg back. The temperature was 30 (F) when I got up and 38 (F) when I left home. When I returned, the temperature was in the 40s (F).

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