Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Feed the ducks, feed the ducks

When I parked and prepared to begin my run, I saw a man sitting on a bench overlooking the Jordan River. There were about 30 ducks on the pathway next to the man. The man was about 100 feet from the start of my run, so I walked up to say "hello". Rather than feeding the ducks bread, as most people do, he was feeding them grain. There were kernels of grain all over the path. He said that many of the ducks inhabit the irrigation canals during the summer and then migrate to the river after the canals dry up for the winter. When I ran the canal roads, I had been wondering where the ducks went for the winter; I assumed they would fly south. Now I know that they fly east a few miles to the Jordan River and mooch off the walkers.

When I passed the bench on my return leg of my run, I looked to see if all the grain had been eaten -- it had. The path was free of grain....and ducks.

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