Wednesday, November 1, 2006

A good two-hour medium run

I ran the Jordan River Parkway for two hours. Here are my splits.

Mile 1 11:48
Mile 2 11:32
Mile 3 12:48 (walked up the big hill into the residential area)
Mile 4 11:18
Mile 5 11:48
Mile 6 12:11
Mile 7 12:38
Mile 8 12:38
Mile 9 13:13
Mile 10 12:50

You can see where I began getting tired. Also, during the last four miles, I took longer walking breaks. I could tell when I did my stretches this morning that I was a bit tired. I tried to start at a slower pace, but considering my condition when I did my stretches, I should have gone even slower. I'm getting to the point where anything slower than a 12:00 pace seems almost like I'm walking. This is a good sign, because it shows my body is getting used to a faster pace than I've done during the past year. Also, I only had about 6 hours sleep last night due to putting two new disks (Raid 1) in my Macintosh that I use for video work, and that may have influenced the run.

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