Thursday, November 16, 2006

I added a 5th day

I just finished a one-mile run through my neighborhood. This makes 5 days/week that I'll be running. I will add one mile each week to the 5th day, and by Christmas I should be up to 5 miles which is my goal for this day. That will give me three 5-mile runs, one 10-mile run, and one 13-mile run, for a total of 38 miles/week. I'll keep it at that level until Spring. I'll decide then if I want to increase my long run up to 15 miles (adding 1/2 mile increments), or if I want to start some speed training, beginning with fartleks once a week.

Seven or eight months ago I couldn't run two days in a row. Now I'm running four days in a row and a fifth day after a rest day!

My wakeup HR was 46, and I feel great this morning!

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