Saturday, November 4, 2006

A great tempo run for 13 miles

Even though my wakeup HR was 51, I had a great run this morning. I ran 13.1 miles on the Jordan River Parkway. Here are my splits. I took 30-60 second walking breaks at the beginning of each mile, starting with mile 2.

Mile 1 10:56
Mile 2 10:28
Mile 3 11:47 (walked up the big hill. This mile thus had two walking breaks, the one at the beginning and the big hill)
Mile 4 10:23 (this mile had no walking breaks since the big hill in mile 3 replaced the break at the beginning of mile 4)
Mile 5 10:50
Mile 6 11:03
Mile 7 11:38 (stopped to take another Gel pack and drink water)
Mile 8 10:29
Mile 9 10:36
Mile 10 11:13 (walked up the big hill. This walk replaced the one at the beginning)
Mile 11 10:58
Mile 12 10:44
Mile 13 10:27 (total time for the 13 was 2:21:36 for a new training PB)

Finished at 13.1 miles for a total time of 2:22:50

My time at the Great Salt Lake Half Marathon was 2:21:16, so I came within 95 seconds of beating that time!

From the viewpoint of consistency, those are good splits. Even though my Garmin 101 GPS has a training partner that would help me run at a particular pace, I'm not using that feature of the watch. I prefer to run by feel and thus learn to control my pace by how I feel.

It was a great run, and I felt good during the run and now afterwards. The sky was cloudy, and there was a drizzle for the first third of the run. The temperature was in the mid 40s (F).

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