Friday, November 10, 2006

Ran 2 1/2 hours after dark

I found out in mid afternoon that two of our grandchildren would be visiting us this weekend and that I would be their host due to my wife having to be with her 89 year old mother who hurt her back last week. I thus decided to do my long run this evening instead of in the morning. Since the Jordan River Parkway has no street lights, I ran the long street that traverses the Salt Lake valley for about 25 miles. I've mentioned this street in previous posts. It has sidewalks and is well lit and makes a nice night route.

I forgot to measure my wakeup HR today, but I felt ok during the run. I ran a slow, restful pace and enjoyed the run. I had been on my feet most of the day building a concrete foundation for a heavy water fountain that is in our front patio, and I needed a rest run. When we first got the fountain two years ago, we just put it on the dirt in a flower garden, and, as the months went by, the fountain slowly sank into the dirt and finally began to tilt. About three months ago, we moved the fountain onto the brick patio so I could build a foundation for it. With cold weather coming, I decided I'd better get the foundation ready before the snows come.

It was dark when I left. The temperature was 36 when I left and also when I returned. It was a pleasant evening to be out.

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