Monday, November 20, 2006

Trying out a new pair of LOCO Mojo shoes

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a feeling of "weakness" in my left foot. No pain, no soreness, just a feeling of weakness as I run. It usually comes in during my two longer runs. I was thinking about it on Saturday during my long run, and the thought came to me that it might be my shoes. The shoes I'm wearing are the ones I used during the Great Salt Lake Half Marathon in August. They're getting close to 500 miles, and I've been planning on changing them at the end of the year. During most of the miles on those shoes, my left foot felt fine. It's just been the last month or so when I felt the "weakness" feeling.
So, I wore a new pair of shoes this morning. I'll wear them during each run this week and see if they have any effect on my left foot. My foot felt fine this morning.

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  1. Howdy! I'm still wearing the ASICS DS-Trainers that I wore during the GSL Half-Marathon, BUT, I only wear them for races or speedwork as they have little arch support. Needless to say, they did very well during the 2006 New Las Vegas Marathon!
    Happy trails, Bruce