Saturday, December 9, 2006

Almost had to "adopt" a dog

While on my long run today, I reached the parking lot that is a couple hundred yards north of 126th South, and I saw a small dog running around the path. I assumed he belonged to two women I saw in the parking lot, so I pointed to them and said, "Go". The dog ignored me and continued running around. So, I turned around and jogged over to the women, and the dog followed me. They said the dog didn't belong to them, and that they and several others had tried to catch the dog to see if he had an ID collar. They said that I was the only person who could get close to the dog.

I continued my run, and the dog followed me. He seemed to be a happy dog and ran around in the bushes and on the trail. After about half a mile, I passed a man and a woman and a large dog. The little dog decided to go with them, and I continued my run, alone.

On my way back, I encountered the two people and the large dog, and the small dog was still with them. I decided I'd better get the little fellow back to the parking lot where I first saw him, so I whistled at the dog. He stopped and looked at me and then at the two people who were moving away from him. I whistled again, and the little dog looked at me and then at the two people who were getting farther and farther away from him.

After a few more whistles and the dog looking back at the two people, who by this time were quite far away, and at me, he decided to go with me, and he came running to me. We continued our journey north towards the parking lot.

As we approached the tunnel under 126th South, the little dog was about a hundred yards in front of me. Instead of following the path into the tunnel, he followed a path to the street and its many cars.

As I turned to go into the tunnel, I whistled at the dog and yelled at him, but he didn't come down to me. He turned and started going west on 126th South. That was the last time I saw the dog. I hope he knew his way home. He had a collar but no ID.

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