Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Feed the ducks, feed the ducks, di -di -dum -di -di

In Mary Poppins, they fed the birds. Today, I took some bread to the Jordan River Parkway and fed the ducks. I must have had a hundred of them scrambling to get the bread. Some of the ducks have good eyesight and coordination. One duck caught the bread in the air. One piece of bread went into some bushes, and a duck went in after it.


  1. Cab drivers are no longer allowed to feed pigeons at the McCarran Airport taxi holding area, signs are posted saying that feeding the birds creates a flying hazzard.

  2. Maybe we should stop feeding the ducks on the Parkway. The path is pretty messy from them going to the bathroom all over it. I don't remember the path being that way last summer, so maybe they move on to other feeding grounds during warm weather...