Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Need some gloves during my long winter runs

I'm going to have to wear gloves on these long, cold runs. I usually just tuck my hands inside the sleeves of my wind breaker, and that is sufficient to keep my hands warm. That was sufficient during the first hour of the run today, but during the second hour, my hands got cold. The cold-hands started with me swallowing an e-Gel and thus having my hands in the cold air for a couple of minutes. After I started running I tucked my hands back inside the wind breaker, but they didn't get very warm. When I reached my car, I had a hard time undoing the zipper on my wind breaker pocket to retrieve my car keys -- I couldn't grasp the handle of the zipper very well. In fact I had a hard time tearing the top off the e-Gel for the same reason, and e-Gels are usually easy to open. I have a pair of light, cotton gloves that I wore in Massachusetts, and I'll try them. Also, in Massachusetts I sometimes just wore a clean pair of cotton socks over my hands, and that worked fine, too.

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