Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shorter but more frequent walking breaks rock!

For the past two days I've been experimenting with 30-second walking breaks every half mile during my one-hour runs. This morning I used them with my two-hour run. I felt fine during the run. I looked forward to the breaks and felt energized after they were over. I had pretty good energy during the run, and I ran the last half two minutes faster than the first half. I could have gone even faster, but I held back since this was a LSD run and not a speed run.

I don't really know if my energy today was from the breaks. All I know is that I felt great, better than I felt yesterday and the day before. Part of it is probably due to my cough being gone. I've had that cough for a couple of months, but it has been gone for a couple of weeks.


  1. Maybe your cough was allergy based as it's too blasted cold for the allergies? Your "nice" 30 degree weather run yesterday would have FROZEN me!

  2. It's all what we're used to. Your summer temperatures would BURN me alive, although I lived in Phoenix for 12 years and was used to heat back then. One day we were on our patio in Phoenix eating supper, and I remarked sure is cool this evening. I looked at the thermometer and it was 95. Yep, it was cool, for Phoenix that is.

    I was raised in Cedar City, Utah, and up until 1948 or 1949 we always had two feet of snow during the winter, and -20 was normal. Then we had a big winter in which the Air Force had to drop hay to the free-ranging cattle, and Utah hasn't had much snow since then. Right now, it is snowing, and we'll get 2-3 inches, which is really nothing. It doesn't get very cold now, either.

    When we moved from Phoenix to Massachusetts, it was really cold. My kids remember waiting for the school bus when it was -20. We had ice on the INSIDE of the windows. Sometimes in movies about the colonial period, you see houses with ice on the edges of the window. That ice is on the inside. That is what we had. We went through several winters in which the only heat we had was a small wood stove in our family room. No heat in the bedrooms upstairs. No heat in the living room or dining room. Everyone gathered around the wood stove for socializing. We burned over 10 cords of wood, all of which I had to split. We heated large granite rocks on our stove, wrapped them in towels and put them in the foot of our bed. Boy, those rocks were great! We did that because I had been told by my parents of Utah pioneers doing that. We ended up with sheets having burn-holes in them. We didn't use our oil furnace during those years because of the high cost of oil back then. Something line $1.20 a gallon when gasoline was 0.39 a gallon. My running PB for the winter back then was -18 measured temperature, although I often ran when it was below zero with a 30 mph wind blowing, meaning the wind chill was lower than -18. As a scoutmaster, I camped in those temperatures, too.

    As I get older, I do have to admit that I am finding it nice to run later in the day when it has warmed up to the nice 30 degrees. In Massachusetts I wore 5 layers when I ran. Now, I wear 2 layers unless the temperature is down in the 20s or teens and I put on a third layer.