Monday, January 8, 2007

Started speed training today

My plan has been to begin speed training in January. My plan is to replace my Saturday long run with half an hour of speed. My Wednesday 2-hour run will thus become my long run. My goal during January and the first week of February is to run fartleks.

I ran a fartlek at the end of my run this morning. That fartlek is often called a "kick", and it is a nice way to end a run or race. For the last 150 or so feet, I increased my pace a bit. Not a big increase, but enough for the first time. I will do this kick after each run from now on.


  1. Is this ALLEN??? You're planning on doing some speed work? I double checked the URL address, it appears correct. Who or what took over Allen's body???

  2. Yea, I must be getting senile in my old age :)

    I've been running LSD for three or four years and have been running 11-13 mile weekly long runs for the past year. I think I have a pretty good base and am now ready to do some low level speed once a week.

    During January I'll do fartleks. During February I'l do some intervals. During March I'll do some hills. This speed work will replace my 11-13 mile long run, but I'll keep my 9-10 mile run. During the last week in March and the first week in April, I'll do my 11-13 mile long runs, and then a two-week taper to April 21. Two weeks is a long taper for a half, but at my age it is what I need. My speed work will be low intensity compared to that done by younger runners, but it will give me a good start in my transition from a slow, LSD runner to a faster runner.

  3. Yup, you definitely have a solid base, looks like you have an good strong plan for Spring!

  4. I still dream of my running 24 years ago. My LSD pace was 7 minutes, and my 10K pace was about 6:40. My marathon pace was 9 minutes. My one-mile PB was 5:57. I never ran any halfs then, but it would be close to 7 minutes. I'm too old to repeat those times, but they are nice to think about. Back then, I didn't train for speed -- I just let my base bring automatic increases in speed.

    Now that I'm older, my big goal is the World Senior Games in St. George in October. If I can get my half PB below 2 hours I'll have a good chance to set a course record. Now that I'm retired, I have time for "real" training, and I'm curious to see how fast I can be in my old age.

    I'm enjoying being old. I think these last years are the highlight of my life...