Saturday, January 13, 2007

Taking a rest day today

During the night my nose started to drip and I coughed up a small amount of phlegm. In addition, my wakeup HR is back to 55. I thus decided to take a rest day. When I was younger I would run through colds, but at my age, I have to give my body more rest to help it recover from colds. Resting today will give me a better chance of running all four days next week.

I had planned on running an hour of fartleks today, but the temperature this morning is 10 (F), and I'm not sure I want to do speed in cold weather. So, if I were to run this morning, I probably would have done an easy rest-run.


  1. GET WELL SOON!!! I prefer doing my speedwork on the gym's treadmill as it's easier to control all variables from temperature to exact even pacing. I agree, I wouldn't want to do speedwork in 10 degree weather too.

  2. My cold is very minor, and I've been tempted to go out and run. But, instead my wife and I are watching a Nova program on Galileo that we brought home this morning from the library.

  3. By bedtime, my cold had settled into a very runny nose, and I'm glad I rested yesterday.

    After the Galileo program, we watched one on The Knights Templar. After that, I was "TV'd out".