Monday, February 5, 2007

Another super hour run

My wakeup temperature was 48 this morning, thanks to lots of sleep yesterday (3-hour nap) and last night. I felt great and really enjoyed my run.

I did a rest run that included quite a few cadence drills. As I did last Monday, I ran the first mile to warm up, and then I did cadence drills separated by a minute or so of recovery running. I used the last mile to cool down from the drills. When I first began the cadence drills, I had 45 steps in the rest phase and 47 steps in the faster phase. After a few of those, my rest phase went up to 46 steps and my faster phase to 48 steps. Then my rest phase went up to 47 steps and my faster phase stayed at 48 steps. I like to do cadence drills. They give my body a taste of speed without much fatigue. I concluded the run with a nice kick for about 50 yards. The kick was faster than I had been doing in the cadence drills.

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