Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A good OK two-hour run + 6 minutes

Since I drive a few miles to get to the Jordan River Parkway, I have the option of parking at any entrance to the Parkway that I wish to use. Since the 10600 South tunnel is flooded, I parked south of the tunnel in one of the picnic areas that border the Parkway. I enjoyed the run. During the first half, I felt great. During the second half, I could tell I was getting tired. Part of the reason for being tired is that I ran late last night and then about noon today. That means I had less than 24 hours between the two runs, and that translates to lest rest than I normally would have. My wakeup HR, though, was about normal at 48.

When I got to the tunnel under 12600 South, it was flooded too. There is about a foot of water on the Parkway path. There is no problems getting through the tunnel, though, since there is a shoulder to the path that is above water. The 10600 South tunnel doesn't have shoulders, just concrete walls.

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