Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A great 2 1/4 hour run with no muscle cramps!

During my run on the Parkway, I focused on my legs, and they felt pretty good. As a check, before I left home I felt both hams, and they felt the same. I was thus hopeful that I would have a nice run. It was a good run! I've been sleeping well, and my wakeup HR this week has been 48-50.

The temperature during my run was about 40 (F), and there was a 5-7 mph tailwind going out and headwind coming back. I felt fine going out with one layer, a long-sleeve T-shirt, but coming back, with the headwind, I felt cold and put on my nylon wind breaker that I had tied around my waist. I wore shorts, but with the wind I wish I'd worn my long pants.

I only saw a 3 or 4 people on the Parkway. I guess the rest of the "regulars" were home enjoying their warm houses.

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