Thursday, February 8, 2007

Happiness is a great two-hour run

I had a great run today! Even though my wakeup HR was 54, I had more energy than Tuesday, and I ran for my planned two hours. The temperature when I began was in the low 60s (F), but it was in the mid 40s (F) when I finished after sundown with just a half hour left before darkness. I was glad to be done, because my only layer was a summer T-shirt, and as soon as the sun sent down, the temperature dropped. My body and legs felt fine, but my arms became cold. I have several thick long-sleeved T-shirts, but I don't have any thin long-sleeved T-shirts.

Twice during the run, once going out and once coming back, I counted the number of times my left-foot hit the ground, and the count was 46 both times. That is the same number I had Tuesday in the rest phase of my cadence drills.

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