Thursday, February 8, 2007

I'm getting better at running with minimum noise, and at gliding

I'm practicing being a stealth runner by having my feet hit the ground with less impact (no slap, slap, slap sound as my toes hit the ground). I did, though, hear a new noise that I hadn't noticed before -- a scraping noise. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I shuffle when I run. The scraping noise was from my shoe sliding on the ground. That means I was really shuffling; I wasn't lifting my feet more than a half inch or so and was sliding my shoe.

I also practiced gliding when I slowed down for my walking breaks. I found myself taking several seconds to transition from running to walking, and I covered about 50 feet during that time. That is 50 feet with little energy spent. I calculated that with two walking breaks per mile, over a 13.1 half-marathon, I would have 26 glides, and at 50 feet each, that would be a quarter mile that was almost free in terms of my body using energy to cover that distance. That, hopefully, would give me more energy to use at the end of the race.

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