Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jordan River still flooding the Parkway path

When I reached the tunnel under 106 South, I was surprised to see the path flooded with several inches of water. Last week, this tunnel was dry even though the tunnel under 126 South was flooded. There is a concrete wall bordering the river, and I thought that would keep the river water out of the path. I stopped and looked at the water, and then I saw it: there is a drain in the tunnel to remove rain water, and the river was high enough to flood that drain and come into the tunnel. The wall is about a foot thick, and most of the runners and walkers were walking on the wall to get around the flood. I don't have very good balance, so I jogged about a block to an intersection that has a traffic light. I didn't go as far as 126 South, but I expect that tunnel is really flooded.

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