Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A nice 3-mile rest run

Just before sundown, I ran for 40 minutes (3 miles) on the Jordan River Parkway. During the run, I was focused on the condition of my right ham and my legs in general. I could tell that there was a slight feeling of tightness in the right ham, but after a mile of running, the tightness disappeared, and my legs felt normal for the rest of the run. I took 30-second walking breaks every half mile, and the slight tightness in my right ham disappeared as I walked during the first break and then returned as I went back to my rest pace. I did a lot of stretching of my hams during the day, and before I left home and again before I started the run, I felt both hams, and they both felt about the same. I was thus hopeful that I would have a good run, and I did! My hams have felt fine during the two hours that I've been home.

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