Monday, February 19, 2007

A nice half-hour rest run

My wakeup HR was down to 51, so that was a good sign. I felt pretty good during the morning, but when I started to run, I could tell I was tired. I cut my run in half. I timed myself during the last mile. I finished the first half of the mile in 5:30. That was too fast for a rest run, so I slowed down and finished the full mile in 11:20. That was a pretty good pace for a rest run.


  1. Alessandra2/20/2007

    Dear Mr. Leigh,

    I am writing to tell you that I used your "Low-Stress Training Plan for First Marathon". Still can't believe that I managed to finish my first marathon (Tokyo Marathon, February 18th) in 4:20:03. We had very bad weather conditions (rain, cold, high winds) but I had great fun and look forward to running many marathons in the future! Thank you for your valuable advice! Best regards, Alessandra Ratcliffe

  2. You're welcome and thank you, Alessandra, for letting me know of your success. Congratulations! Try and keep 40-45 miles/week year around, and your body will love you for it. It's been two days, how do you feel