Monday, February 12, 2007

A nice rest run and litter pickup

Even though my wakeup HR was 52, I ran for an hour on the Jordan River Parkway and really enjoyed it. I had quite a lot of energy but not as much as I had last week. While running, I did my weekly pick up of litter. There is still some litter left, but most of it is gone, and the path is a pleasure to run. I didn't run any cadence drills today, and I didn't put in a kick at the end of the run (wanted to minimize the stress on my IT Bands).

There were quite a few walkers, some with dogs, and a number of runners. I only saw one biker and no skaters.


  1. I picked up two beer bottles in the park – did a loop and dropped them in the litter bin. Anyone that saw me must have wondered…
    Picking up litter is a good thing!

  2. Great! I wish more runners would do that.