Monday, February 26, 2007

One-hour rest run replaced by half-mile walk

Not long before sundown, I left home for an one-hour rest run. I ran two steps and realized that my right ham was still tight from my Saturday workout. I stopped and walked for half a mile to loosen up, and then I drove home. I take tight muscles seriously, because they are a precursor to injury.

I explained in my Saturday post that my right ham tightened up while I was running intervals. I also explained that the tightness seemed to go away during the evening, and I thought the problem was resolved. There was no pain connected with the tight ham, and I could walk, and did walk a lot on Sunday during my normal activities, with no feeling of tightness of the ham. However, today after two steps into my run, I could feel that the ham was still tight.

After I was home from the aborted run, I felt both hams. The left ham was soft and pliable. The right ham, though, was hard. I had done a lot of stretching of my hams on Sunday and today, but I hadn't felt the hams and thus didn't realize that the right ham was still tight. Walking is a lot less stressful on my body than running, and the tight ham was able to handle walking but not running.

I'm not very worried about the ham. There is no pain with it, only a feeling of tightness and hardness. I aborted the longer run to avoid risk of injury, and I substituted a short walk to help loosen up the ham and my body in general.

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