Monday, March 12, 2007

I did one lap of a big hill today

I normally don't run hills on my Monday and Tuesday rest runs. However, because the tunnels under 106 South and 126 South are flooded, I'm running a shorter path back and forth. Since I'll be running hills on Saturday, I decided to run today the big hill that I run on Wednesday. I did pretty good going up. I could have made it to the top, but I stopped about 200 feet short of the top and walked the rest of the way.

After walking around for a couple of minutes to recover form the uphill run, I ran 1/4 mile down the hill. I felt pretty good going down, and I went down at a faster pace than the pace I was using today. This is important training, because the Salt Lake City half-marathon has a steep downhill stretch that is about 0.6 miles long, followed by a 0.8 mile stretch that is also downhill but not as steep. The two stretches, combined, will take the racers from 27th East to 14th East via 21st South. I want to be ready for that downhill run! Downhills are hard on ones legs.

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