Tuesday, March 13, 2007

South Jordan City is putting in a tree farm

During the past couple of weeks, I've seen workman preparing an area right next to the parkway path. I had speculated that they city might be putting in more picnic areas since there was no sign of a hole being dug for a basement or for footings. This area is next to a large picnic area that extends for about a half mile south of 106th South.

When I ran past that area this morning, there were three men watching the work, and I stopped to talk with them. It turned out they are city employees, and they told me the city is putting a tree farm to provide trees at less cost to the taxpayers when the trees are needed to line city streets. The men didn't say how big the trees would be, but I assume the trees will be planted as 6 or so inch seedlings and will be transplanted when they are several feet tall. They will make a nice border for a few hundred feet of the parkway.

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