Thursday, March 8, 2007

Yesterday's run was a bit too "great"

Yesterday my body wanted to run faster, and I let it go for about 3 miles of pretty fast (for me) running. During the evening my nose started dripping, and I didn't sleep very well because my body was overly tired. My fastest pace for a 1/4 mile split was 10:31, and I probably should have limited it to 11 minutes. Since my rest runs have been around 12 minutes, an 11 minute pace would still have been a respectable pace.

Getting a cold is a common result when I push myself too much. I've always been grateful that my body comes down with a cold instead of an injury when I do too much. Here is a status report on how I feel this morning. My nose isn't dripping. My legs feel fine. My body feels fine but tired. So, it looks like I'll survive. This evening I'll post an addendum to this post to document how my body is reacting to yesterday's run.

But, I really did enjoy yesterday's run!

Later in the evening: my nose started dripping soon after I made this post, and it has been dripping all day. I had a half hour nap in the afternoon, and I'm heading for bed now to get a good 7+ hours.

Next day: my nose hasn't been dripping since I got up this morning, about two hours ago. I feel pretty good, and I may go out for an easy run later today.

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