Saturday, April 21, 2007

My feet were fine

Four or five weeks ago I reported that I was having problems with my left foot. No pain and not an injury -- just a "weak" feeling like I used to have before I started running when I would spend hours on a Saturday doing yard work. I took a three-week taper before the half-marathon instead of my normal two-week taper to give my foot extra rest.

In starting the race this morning, I was concerned, because the "weak" feeling came after 8 or 9 miles and the race was 13.1 miles. However, I had no problems with my foot during the half-marathon. My foot felt strong and normal. I'm grateful for the extra rest I gave my foot, and I'm grateful for the Ruta and Rhus Tox homeopathy remedies that I took for the three weeks. And, most of all, I'm grateful for blessings from the Lord that I had the opportunity to run the race and finish it with no mishaps.

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