Monday, April 2, 2007

Ran in a new pair of LOCO Mojo today

When I run the half-marathon on April 21, I'll use a new pair of LOCO Mojo shoes. I used that pair this morning for the first time, and I'll wear them throughout my taper and then during the race. After the race, I'll put them away for 11-12 weeks while I finish using my other shoes.

Later: I've decided to wear these new shoes as my training shoes and not put them away.


  1. Gosh, you wrote a whirlwind of posts yesterday!! I can see you beating that 2:10 for the half as your current training has been going so very well.

    I'll be wearing the exact same shoes that I ran the GSL, "ASICS Gel DS Trainers," they are my lucky shoes. Unfortunately, with my past 5k races and speed training the ASICS shoes now have about 250 miles on them...lightweight trainers don't last as long as regular stability shoes and will have to retire them around 300 miles.

  2. I came close to getting a pair of lighter trainers, but I decided to stick with my Mojo shoes. If I come within a few secomds of 2:10, I'll wish I had used the lighter shoes :)