Thursday, April 5, 2007

Running & the world's lighest whole wheat waffles

This morning I made whole wheat waffles from my famous recipe

Not only are they the world's lightest waffles, they are the world's most nutritional waffles.

o whole wheat flour, fresh ground with my grinder, wheat germ, bran, the whole kernel
o Omega 3 eggs
o Enough milk powder to make a quart of milk
o Distilled water. No chlorine or fluoride
o Light olive oil
o Rumford baking powder. No aluminum. This makes the waffles light.
o Eaten with honey or 100% maple syrup. No corn syrup

I normally would have added some molasses, but we're out of it right now.

In case you're wondering why this post is in my running blog, I'll tell you. 25 years ago when I ran marathons and my comfortable LSD pace was 7 minutes/mile, I ate lots of these waffles. I got up this morning and thought, I'd like some of my waffles. So, with the hope it will give me the energy and speed that I had back then, that's what I had for breakfast. Dream on...

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