Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I'm tired!

From 8:00 Tuesday morning until 11:30 pm Tuesday night, I was on my feet carrying heavy boxes and some furniture helping my son move to a different house. The only break I had was eating a light supper and a minute or so here or there to get a drink of water. I won't be doing any running until Saturday, and then maybe not then if I have a slow recovery from today.


  1. YIKES! Just discovered I'll be helping Grandma Cady move to a new apartment at the end of May, about the same time I'll be running the "Come Run in the Sun 10k"" therefore your post of your body's tired condition is scary!! Typical how everyone wants to move in the Spring!!

  2. One thing that really helps is to have all of her stuff in boxes before the move -- helps the move to go faster.