Monday, May 7, 2007

My 2nd place medal -- SLC half marathon

I picked up my second place medal. There were seven runners in my age class. I was 33 minutes behind the 1st place winner and 5 minutes ahead of the 3rd place winner.


  1. Your photo looks great wearing that 2nd Place Medal! You not only deserve it, but you EARNED it! I did see the photo as your current profile photo, but didn't realize you were wearing the 2nd Place Medal.

  2. When I ran marathons in the early 80s, all we got was a paper certificate. These medals are a new experience for me.

    The person who took 1st in my age group will be in the next age group next year, so I might have a shot at 1st if some young 70 year old doesn't beat me. The 1st place winners get a jacket in addition to the medal with a blue ribbon.

    I'm thinking of running GSL again this year, and I'll skip the World Games in St. George this year unless I think I can break 2 hours. I'd like to get a 2:10 at GSL and then come close to breaking 2 hours at SLC next year.

    Next year you'll be in Boston! I'll be visiting in Massachusetts and New Hampshire next year in May after my daughter gets her Ph.D from Yale.