Friday, May 11, 2007

Ran in a pair of LOCO Carumba shoes

On April 30 I explained in this blog that I think I've been running for 20 years in the wrong shoes, that I should be using neutral shoes. I ordered a pair of LOCO Carumba shoes and did my first run in them today. They felt fine. I'll need to put quite a few miles on them before I know how they are doing with my stiff jointed, supinated feet.

I've explained in previous posts that I was born with a defect in my skeleton that causes me to walk on the outside of my feet, especially my right foot. In the past, the top of the heel of my right shoe would bulge to the outside of the shoe, and the outside of the heel would compress. All of this caused my ankle to be tilted to the outside. For 20 years I used motion-control shoes, and this helped with quite a bit to keep the heel from compressing and to reduce the bulging. I noticed a few weeks ago that the heel of my right shoe was slightly compressed and slightly bulged to the outside. After I read about shoes, I discovered that supinators should use neutral shoes, not motion control or correction shoes, because the MC and correction shoes cause the foot to go to the outside. What I really need are motion control shoes that would cause my foot to go to the inside, but since only 2% of the runners are supinators, shoe companies don't make shoes for them. Thus, the best supinators can do is use neutral shoes.

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