Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ran a nice rest run for 4 miles

Today was "rest day", and I ran four miles along the Jordan River Parkway. I took frequent walking breaks and ran at a slower pace and just enjoyed myself. My pace was around 11:30. The shade temperature during the run was in the mid 70s to low 80s (F). My wakeup HR was 51.


  1. Old man...

    i've had you in my favorites for a while and not looked at your site much. i read the whole page today. i'm learning to run again - i ran with Kristie yesterday through a LOT of pain in my hip and feet - today i feel amazingly good.

    thanks for the inspiration! it's fun to read!

    Ben DP in MAINE

  2. Hi Ben, nice to hear from you again. Tell Kristie & your kids "Hi" from Judy and me.

    Be careful about running through pain. You may get away with it if the cause of the pain isn't serious, but if the cause is serious, the pain will probably get worse.

    As a suggestion, go to my running site at and click on Training and then on Beginning. That page will give you some good suggestions to consider. Then click on the Stretching link and then on the picture page. That page shows some stretches to strengthen your legs, thigh, etc.

    This is the last week that Ross & Heidi will be in the USA. Then they're off to Indonesia for three years.

  3. One more thought, Ben. Hope you have good running shoes and that they are the correct shoes for you. When your foot strikes the ground, it does so with a force equal to 3X your body weight. That is a lot of shock, especially when your feet strike the ground over 2000 times per mile.