Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A car was in the Jordan River

As I approached the access road to the parking lot for the Jordan River Parkway at 9800 South, the traffic slowed almost to a stop, and I could see flashing police lights down by the river. After I turned into the parking lot, I saw several fire department vehicles and hazard-waste vehicles. I parked and asked a nearby fireman what had happened. He said a man had gone off the road and into the river. The man got out and called 911. By the time I got there, the emergency crew had used a large crane on a semi and had pulled the car from the river, and the emergency workers were packing up to leave. It looked like they had a lot more vehicles there than they would need. I guess the situation provided training for the emergency folks as well as getting the car out of the river. When I returned from my run an hour later, all of the emergency vehicles were gone, and traffic on 9800 South was back to normal.

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