Friday, July 27, 2007

An extra rest day this week

I felt pretty tired on Tuesday, so I took Wednesday off. I've felt pretty good today and have spent a couple of hours pulling weeks in my wife's flower garden. She has been gone for 2 1/2 months (nanny in Europe for our 3 grand children, my daughter & her husband). She comes home on Tuesday, and I want the garden to look like a Garden of Eden when she arrives.


  1. We've pretty much yet our yard and garden return to hay. We're planning on changing our yard setup from grass to natural landscape...this way we don't have to water the rocks. I hate yard work and hopefully we'll start the new landscape this Fall.

  2. I think desert landscapes look very nice, and they certainly are more "green" in terms of saving water. I lived in Phoenix for 12 years, and many people had desert landscapes.

    I lived in Tucson for a year, and some people had gravel in their yard, and they spray painted the gravel green to simulate grass.

    My wife loves flowers and really enjoys working in her garden, so our garden is good from that viewpoint.