Monday, July 2, 2007

My Carumba neutral shoes are doing well

I mentioned in previous posts that I've been wearing motion-control shoes for the past 20 years when I should have been wearing neutral shoes (I don't know why I wasn't injured from having the wrong shoes, but I'm glad I wasn't). I switched to LOCO Carumba neutral shoes on May 11, and I've put 119 miles on those shoes. I've had no problems with them, and they fit my feet a little bit better than my LOCO Mojo shoes did. I won't know until I have 500 miles on them if the Carumba are a better shoe for my feet. Even then, I probably won't be able to draw any conclusion from the Carumba shoes feeling fine and not causing injury, because the Mojo shoes felt that way, too.

There are two things I can look for that may help me draw a comparison between the Carumba and the Mojo shoes.

  • Compression of the right heel. I've explained in previous posts that I have a skeletal problem that causes me to walk on the outside of my right shoe, and this causes the heel to compress more on the outside than it does on the inside. The Mojo shoes do have a slight amount of that compression after 500 miles.
  • I've explained in previous posts that, starting in the Fall of 2006, I started having a "weak" feeling in my left foot. By "weak", I mean as in unable to support weight. No pain or soreness, just a feeling that I couldn't put much weight on the foot. This feeling would appear on runs longer than about 8 miles. During the winter and spring, the feeling became more pronounced and started to have a bit of pain with the feeling. Since changing to the Carumba, I've run one 9-miler and one 10-miler, and I haven't felt that feeling. However, I need more miles and more longer runs on the Carumba to see if the feeling occurs or not.
So, I'll report back about this from time to time as I put more miles on the Carumba.

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